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Some service calls are avoidable by observing a few simple precautions. Here are a few tips for avoiding costly service situations:

  • Never erase marks on your music while the music is on the music rack - eraser crumbs (and any other debris) falling onto the keyboards WILL eventually result in the need for expensive keyboard service and sometimes keyboard replacement (not covered by warranty)
  • When the instrument is not in use, keep the keyboards covered with organ roll top closed or with a keyboard dust cover
  • Use a quality surge protector to avoid damage to electronic components caused by electrical power spikes. It is also important to use surge protection for the audio system amplifiers.
  • For organs with Plexiglass music racks that fold down, when closing the music rack lift the rack from the bottom and gently pull the top of the rackā€”this will avoid cracking the Plexiglass
  • In areas where small rodents (aka mice!) are an issue, confirm that your organ was built with rodent protection. If it was not, take precautions to prevent rodents getting inside the console where they WILL cause damage to wiring and eventually cause the organ to fail. Note: Rodgers organs built in 2012 and after are designed to be highly rodent resistant.

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